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Arrested? Need out of jail or face losing your job? Call Steubenville Bail Bonding Services to get you out quickly and affordably. Our Bail Bonds is affilated with SMD & HLS Bonding Company for the experienced bail bonding services you need and expect from a professional bail bond agency.

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Steubenville Bail Bonds has been helping clients navigate the complicated bonding system since 2012. Vanessa Moyer heads the bonding department with extensive knowledge of the Steubenville & Jefferson court system. Whether you have been picked up for a DUI, Drug Charge, or warrant, we are here to answer your questions and get you out quickly so you may remedy whatever situation caused the unfortunate arrest.

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Jefferson County Jail Information:
Telephone - 740-283-8600
Address - 16001 State Route 7, Steubenville, OH 43952

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Steubenville Bail Bonding Services answered all my questions and set me up on an affordable payment plan. They treated me like a human being which was truly appreciated since we were already in a stressful situation. I would recommend this company to anyone! - Jayson B., Steubenville, OH